Are you tired of attending the same, traditional tech and dev conference year-in and year-out? Are you looking to be challenged both from an intellectual perspective and a practical experience? Well, Obsidian Presents Atlassian in Africa 2018 is the one for you!

Just consider our venue. Turbine Hall. This iconic building is located in the arts and culture mecca of Johannesburg – Newtown. And just like Turbine Hall combines state-of-the-art technology with breath-taking décor, so does this event promise the best of technological innovation and creative development.

We’ve gathered some of the leaders in their field to provide unique insights on how to get the most out of teams, whether they are focused on development, infrastructure support, or just improving collaboration with the rest of the organisation. It is all about unpacking the Atlassian toolset and getting the most out of these innovative solutions.

Obsidian Presents Atlassian in Africa puts the spotlight on theory on Day 1 and changes gears for Day 2 to focus on training and certification. So, not only do you get exposed to interesting theoretical discussions, but you can implement everything you’ve heard at the event.


About Obsidian Systems

As the leading South African Open Source company, we’ve witnessed industry giving recognition to an open source philosophy. Globally businesses are moving toward a transparent, single touch integrated world. Think beyond open source code, think open systems.

We provide agile responses to the changing business needs of your people, organisation and customers digital transformation journey for data-driven decision making.

We have partnered with the best technology solution providers which enable smarter teams to work together, to produce, run and automate smarter code, then ship to your choice of compute for smart data that will give your business the edge.

Obsidian is an Atlassian Gold Solution Partner.


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